Ensuring a Vibrant Economic Future

official-logoYear of the Startup provides free and shared housing to early-stage entrepreneurs as they plan, launch, and scale their companies. Our first startup house is located near 40th and Burt Street in midtown Omaha’s Cathedral neighborhood.

Year of the Startup was designed as an experimental, low cost solution for solving the problems of access to capital, low entrepreneurship entry, and high failure rates in young firms.

The year-long experience immerses Startup Fellows in an entrepreneurial ecosystem designed to foster innovation, peer-based learning, and prepare early-stage entrepreneurs for the challenges inherent in self-employment. During this first year of our program, we will work with 7 Startup Fellows to develop their companies and organizations (4 Residential and 3 Non-Residential). By year’s end, we will coordinate $40,000 in seed funding, over 500 hours of mentorship, and a 25-part guest speaker series.